Welcome to my small (for now) gallery.
Started collecting since April 2003 and it's a nice collection of various Anime series. Haven't decided on collecting any specific series yet, although DNA^2 and Cardcaptor Sakura are the series I look for the most when looking for cels. As most collectors I just buy what I like and would like to own.
So, just have a look around and enjoy my cels.

News & Updates

2/25/2006It's been a while since my last update. But it's worth the waiting with a very nice CCS cel. Also check DNA^2 and Galaxy Angel. I hope my next update will be a little faster.
9/27/2005After 4 months finally an update with one DNA cel and three cels of Mei-Lin from CCS.
5/22/2005In addition to the CCS movie cel some Mei-Lin douga.
5/19/2005CCS cels added. Some Mei-Ling douga and a Sakura movie cel will be up this weekend.

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Title Last Updated
Armitage (1) 12/20/2003
Cardcaptor Sakura (12) 2/25/2006
DNA^2 (14) 2/25/2006
Douga (6) 5/23/2005
Galaxy Angel (2) 2/25/2006
Magic User's Club (2) 6/2/2004
Night Walker (2) 3/7/2005
Pia Carrot DX2 (1) 1/21/2004
Vampire Princess Miyu (7) 3/7/2005
Words Worth (6) 6/25/2004

Curator: Selmar Cleef
Gallery Created: 12/10/2003

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